Tv Aerial Installations and Repairs

AOi Digital will provide all that’s necessary for a professional and honest service, if you require an new aerial installation or just a repair on an existing setup we can help, schedule a free signal assessment we will supply a written quotation with a full description of possible actions to take you forward.

After point of contact a diagnostic check will determine either cause of fault or the type of new aerial required to bring in adequate signals for viewing. Your repair service starts from £49


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Digital Aerial

Digital aerial installed to a tv with a built in tuner or a set top box receiver enabled for Freeview with a simple one off payment 27 of the 30 most watched channels in the UK are available to watch.

Aerial loft installation

Loft aerial installations are not always suitable for every property a signal assessment must be carried out to advise if possible, benefits to an internal installation are life duration for the antenna and it’s more aesthetically pleasing.

Aerial Chimney kit installation

An aerial installation on a roof secured to a chimney is a common sight there are a few ways to do this by either drilling and fitting a bracket or supplying a cradle and lashing kit at AOI we would prefer to do the later, as this method is less likely to damage your chimney during the installation or become dislodged in high winds.